Vastu Shastra

Why is that we can't wait to escape some places while others seduce us to stay!

Vastu Shastra, has the answer. Vastu believes that when we mould our environment in alignment with universal energies it changes us into blissful beings. Conversely, residents risk disease, debt & disharmony if surrounded by sick elements.

Vastu holds the key to opening a building's positive energy & locking out negative energy. This ancient science promotes a positive living environment by giving easy and effective tips for site selection, room orientation, décor, landscaping and rituals to attract peace & prosperity in the building.

Based firmly on science rather than superstition, Vastu assesses five main factors when designing a property. It considers the Sun's Influence, the Earth's Magnetic Field, Wind Force, Gravitational Pull & Celestial Forces.

A Vastu Architect combines a synergy of engineering, mathematics, art, astrology and astronomy to create a perfectly balanced building. The building is also designed with awareness of the eight directions & the five elements: Sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. This energized form then becomes a conduit for surrounding forces allowing inhabitants to thrive in the aura of its divine protection just as a baby is nourished in a healthy womb.

Below are few tips for doing the layout of a House and Office Premise according to Vastu Shastra:

Vastu for House

Vastu for Office